I studied architecture but dedicated my years self-teaching and producing animation, video games, user interfaces. I love creating unique experiences and I am currently freelancing but actively looking for full-time work. In between projects, I am making webcomics and animating pixels on Twitch. I am currently living in Chicagoland, IL.

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Below you'll find samples of my work:

Eyes of Play Animated Webcomics (2020 - )

The teaser trailer for the original animated webcomic, "Eyes of Play" and the first 45 seconds of its soundtrack. Released on Webtoon Canvas [WIP] My Role: Art Director and Pixel Artist

Precious Moment (2019)

A game about cherishing the fleeting moments. Available on Meditations.Games Launcher on each year 28th of May. Made in Unity and Fungus. Art made with watercolors and markers, and put together in Photoshop and Unity. My roles: Sketching, Storyboarding, Game Design, Animation, Game Programming

Junction Earthworks AR App 3D Models (2019)

Entire model created Blender and Video Rendered in Eeeve, then exported to Unity with proved textures to use in Augmented Reality. My role: 3D Design, Texture Painting and Unity Material Creation

Impeccable High Game (2018 - )

Made in Unity. Pixel art and animation made in Photoshop. My roles: Art direction, Game Design, Implementation of UI, Animation, Game Programming

Realtime Shadows Experiment for 2D Unity Sprites(2016)

Implementing real-time shadows for 2d sprite assets with normals. In this experiment, I wanted test capabilities of Unity using 2d assets and using real-time shadows on Sprites. Used Unity Shaders to force fullforward shadows with normals on sprites.

Museum Exhibition Kiosk App Design (2013-2014)

This was a museum kiosk app built for Hopewell and Newtown Exhibits, which were parts of the NEH Funded "Ancient Ohio Trail" Project by CERHAS. My roles: UI/UX Design, Art Assets, Implementation, Video editing, Programming (BigVideo.js, Modernizr.js and Chrome Kiosk mode)


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My random Art Blog: medi.dog

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