Hi there. My name is Nabi and I enjoy creating interactive experiences for communities that care for creativity, education and open source.  I currently live in Chicago, Illinois and I am looking for a designer position to flourish my creativity into unique interactive experiences.

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Below you'll find samples that stands out from the rest of my work :

Ancient Ohio Trail: Museum Exhibit Touch Interface

This was a museum kiosk app built for Mound City and Newtown Exhibits, which were parts of the NEH Funded "Ancient Ohio Trail" Project by CERHAS. I created the app using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, building upon BigVideo.js and Modernizr.js, and used Chrome Kiosk mode for the app to lock on the museum kiosk. In addition, I completed more than 400 videos for this project and also for AncientOhioTrail.com desktop and mobile, including rendering 3D animations in 3DsMAX, audio/video editing and production of the all HD movies in Premiere.
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Mysteries of Ancient Architects

This award-winning project was a collaboration between CERHAS and CameraOne. I was asked to render all the 3D animations in HD (1920x1080 resolution) using the archive movies that were 640x480. I was also asked to model new earthworks and mounds from their archaeologic excavation site, create high quality textures for old and new models, and render all the animations in 3DsMAX.
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Bazmi the Buzz Bee

Try to catch him before he catches your mouse arrow! Bazmi was designed to be a logo for BuzzTurk.com, a buzz community website in Turkey. He had no eyebrows, no hands, no animations, and he had no soul. I gave him life by changing his color scheme, and adding the much needed hair. Animated him in Flash and used ActionScript to make him interactive.
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Numil Idea Factory Widget

I created all the design assets for the widget. The goal was to create a widget that would allow instantly sharing ideas within the Numil community via submitting ideas until the end of a certain deadline while displaying the deadline and also the number of ideas that have been shared so far. The project was completed within one night.
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Pelican Hills Public School Stationary

A stationary catalog is created for a printer office center in Australia utilizing Adobe Indesign. First, a logo was designed for a mockup public school to be placed in all stationary, then ready to print design documents for all stationary and real life representation mockup photos were created to be placed in the stationary.
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